Reasons to Open a Self-Serve Pet Wash at the Beach

Isn’t it great when you see people spending time with their pets at the beach? You don’t have to be a pet lover to enjoy seeing dogs frolicking in the water, playing frisbee or rolling around in the sand. Dogs can make just about anyone smile with their antics on the beach, especially when they’re playing in the surf.

While it’s obvious that many dogs have a great time at the beach, the end of playtime can be a nightmare for their owners. When it’s time to load a wet and sandy dog into their vehicle, a lot of pet owners regret bringing their furry family members out for some fun in the ocean. And that’s a shame, because they may think twice before they treat their dogs with a visit to the beach in the future.

Benefits of Having a Dog Wash Business at the Beach

The leading advantage of having a dog wash business at the beach is that it gives pet owners the chance to clean their dogs before loading them into their automobiles. Because they won’t have to worry about a sandy, soaking wet dog messing up their vehicles, they’ll be more likely to continue to bring their dogs around for some fun.

While those are good results for dogs and their owners, opening an outdoor pet wash at the beach can provide some meaningful benefits for you as well, assuming you’re the one who opens it. The number one benefit you’ll enjoy if you open a self-serve pet wash is making money. Unless you’re adding a pet wash as a community amenity, you’ll charge people to use it, which means you’ll have a new income stream.

Another benefit to operating an outdoor pet wash at the beach is that you won’t necessarily have to be around for people to use it. While you may want to hire an attendant or be present yourself in case someone needs assistance, it’s not required. At most, you’ll have to visit your pet wash several times a day to make sure it’s fully stocked with bathing supplies and that it’s clean and working properly.

Having your own business while providing a service that dogs will appreciate as much as their owners is a great plan. When you consider that a self-serve pet wash doesn’t need to be staffed full-time, it’s hard to make a case for not opening one at the beach or near the shore of a lake or river.

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