Part of what makes our All Paws Pet Wash units so unique is the ability to customize your self serve pet wash unit free of charge.

Choose a color, send us your logo and we'll help you create your one-of-a-kind pet wash to match your existing business's branding.

Custom All Paws Pet Wash unit

How Does it Work?

Customization Break-Down

Here are maps of what you can and cannot customize on your unit. (Click to enlarge)

Color Options for Coin Operated Dog Wash

The top 8 colors are offered at no additional cost. Want something else? No problem, we have plenty of colors to choose from. Don't see it here? Get in touch and we'll see what we can do.

a poster showing standard colors and all available colors for the pet washing station

Customization Area Dimensions

Here are maps of your customization space. (Click to enlarge)

Custom KIOSKs

Check out some of the customization our happy customers have done!

Custom TUBs

Check out some of the customization our happy customers have done!

Additional Customization Options

Along with all of our free aesthetic customization options, we also offer some additional functionality add-ons for a low price.

a drawing of a white pet washing tub

Splash Guard & Door

a rheem performance water heater with a digital display

Instant Water Heater

several credit cards are stacked on top of each other

Credit Card Swipers

a vending machine that sells peanut butter and honey flavored treats

Vending Machine with Treats

Credit Card Swiper Options

We prefer working with either CryptoPay or Nayax to fulfill your credit card needs.



The CryptoPay swiper and coordinator allow customers to swipe credit cards as long as you have an internet connection on site. The coordinator can be located within 50' of your pet wash (the closer, the better) and the swiper and  coordinator interact wirelessly.

a yellow nayax device with a visa card on it


Create marketing and sales opportunities to increase customer engagement and boost revenue while offering consumers the convenience of a 24/7 operation. This option works best for people without a WiFi connection as it is not required. 

*If you would like to implement another credit card option, additional installation charges may apply.