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Who doesn’t know someone who owns a pet? It’s a billion dollar industry, with most people considering their animals part of the family. We’ve about tapped the market with designer clothes for pets, gourmet treats and even all-natural foods. However, the one area that has been neglected, leaving pet owners to scratch their heads, is bathing.

Sure, there are groomers and pampered pet spas where you can take your pet but expect to pay a hefty price. What about the rest of us? As a pet owner, do you have to suffer through the torment of bathing your pet at home or pay groomer fees to keep him or her clean and happy? Not when there’s a third, even more, convenient option.

Pet washing systems give dog and cat owners a third alternative, one that is safe, easy, convenient and you guessed it, cheap. The fact is, with the economy in less than stellar shape, folks simply can’t afford the expense of paying someone to do what they can do themselves. And that is exactly why self-serve pet wash systems are experiencing such a boom in popularity. Simply put, self serve dog washing stations offer convenience at a price we can all afford. These dog bathing stations allow pet owners a convenient way to wash their pets without worrying about the costs or availability of a groomer.

What’s Involved in Starting and Buying a Dog Wash Station?

You may be considering a commercial dog wash station as an investment opportunity but you’re not sure where to begin or even what’s involved. This is the best part because pet washing stations are movable vending stations, they’re classified as vending machines. What does this mean for you, the investor? Simplicity. In most cases, there are no building permits necessary and no hassles for you.

Setting up your very own coin operated dog wash station couldn’t be any easier. Simply purchase the desired dog washing station model and connect to your utilities. That's all there is to it. Every model comes fully assembled and ready to be placed on a flat surface. All you need to organize ahead of time is choosing a location and ensuring there are appropriate utility hookups (drain, water and electricity).

Starting a business has never been so simple. With fully equipped dog bathing systems you can feel good about providing a necessary service to the community by offering an alternative to the costly groomer and make a few extra dollars while doing so.

How to Create Passive Income With a Dog Wash Station

If you already have a business or location with a little extra room on the lot, you have the necessary area to invest in a dog washing station. Dog washing stations offer your customers, as well as your prospects, places to wash their dogs without getting themselves or their homes “washed” in the process.

Because our self-contained dog washing units have everything you need, you never have to worry about adding on to them. Maintenance is streamlined, and no attendant is required. Therefore, you won’t have to hire extra employees to earn money on a regular basis with your new dog wash station.

As a form of passive income, dog washing stations are tails and ears above other methods of getting money while you work, play or sleep! When someone comes to your dog washing station, they will simply wash their dog at their own pace. Generally, every 12 minutes spent in a dog washing station costs about $10, so you can do the math. Over time, this adds up quickly as a revenue stream with minimal fuss and muss.

Advantages of Dog Washing Stations Over Professional Groomers

We appreciate professional groomers, veterinarians and other pet care experts. However, not every dog owner has the time or energy to make an appointment to get their pet bathed. That’s where dog washing stations come into the picture.

At a dog washing station, the owner can easily get all the basic grooming needs out of the way. There’s plenty of room inside to wash even large dogs like Great Danes and Irish Wolfhounds. Plus, the floor space is adequate for brushing and nail clipping. This allows dog owners to take responsibility for their dog’s grooming requirements.

Even if one of your customers regularly takes their dog to the groomer, they might like to occasionally spend a little less on a do-it-yourself method. What could be easier than bringing their four-legged best pal to your dog washing station, getting the job done efficiently and not spending too much?

A Small Business Idea That Works

Many small businesses are tough to start up or require a significant outlay of cash and other resources. This isn’t the case with a dog washing station. Not only is it extremely affordable as a small business model, but it works in many attractive ways, including as an attraction to your business.

For instance, if you place a dog washing station in your parking lot, you automatically attract clientele who might be unfamiliar with your regular company. These people will not only use your dog washing station, but they may also be more inclined to try your other products or services after having a great dog grooming and bathing experience. No wonder so many entrepreneurs are paying attention to this passive income model.

Additionally, your current customers with dogs will appreciate knowing that you have their best interests at heart. Being a pet owner can be tough, especially if you live in an apartment or small house with limited bathing space. What a relief for consumers to be able to take their dogs to a pet washing station that’s clean, warm and dry. Not only will they thank you for your consideration, but they will be more likely to remain loyal.

Treat the Dogs in Your Area to Pampering

Too often, dogs are left out in the cold when it comes to proper grooming and pampering. After all, it usually requires a lot of planning and patience to get a dog — especially a hesitant or fearful one — from dirty to clean! With a dog washing station, you can immediately become dog’s best friend, not to mention owner’s best friend. Pooches everywhere appreciate feeling healthy and clean without having to go through tons of hassle.

At the same time, it’s a chance for owners to lavish attention on their favorite buddies without getting wet in the process. You’ll supply everything they need, including shampoo and blow dryers, so they can focus on cuddling their pooches and giving them the love they deserve.

Learn More About a Dog Washing Station

Are you interested? Ears perking up? Tail wagging? Then listen up: Dog washing stations are available around the country.

If you’re interested in learning more about this easy method of obtaining passive income, offering a public service and getting more traction with current and prospective customers with a dog washing station, please contact us today. We can help you find out if owning a dog washing station is the right decision for you and your ultimate business goals.

Remember that this is a billion-dollar industry. Why not grab your piece of the pie? The pet market is nearly tapped out, but washing stations have opened the door for additional possibilities. Discuss your entrepreneurial dreams with us and become the premiere self-service dog washing station location in your region.