Do you own a car wash or convenience store that could benefit from the addition of a self-serve pet wash business? Do you live in a region which experiences all four seasons of the year? Would you benefit from servicing multiple pets simultaneously?

If so, our ADA 821 Double Building would be a perfect addition to your business. The ADA 821 (8' x 21') is a double modular building which is climate controlled, featuring AC for the hot summer months and a heater for those frigid winter months. ADA 821 comes complete with a coin and bill acceptor built right in (optional credit card reader available), making it available to customers 24/7 to use at their convenience. Accessorize with additional features like a token changer or a treat-stocked vending machine to reward pets after a good wash!

Modular Building 821 ADA
10 Button Operation System

Our ADA 821 modular buildings come standard with our 10 button operation system. These systems feature top of the line piezo buttons, a Dixmor timer, and are ADA compliant. Systems come standard with coin and bill acceptors and can be fitted with credit card readers for an additional fee. Additional button on our building units is for operation of a vacuum used for sucking away excess water.


Every model we offer is completely customizable. The ADA 821 offers more real-estate than any other model for your brands name and logo. Work closely with our team of designers to make your pet wash uniquely yours. Choose from over 50 powder coating colors to perfectly compliment your brand. Customization is always included in the cost of your unit.

Service Two Pets at Once

The most obvious benefit to an ADA 821 modular building is the fact that you have two bays in which to service pets! On busy days when your customers are lining up for washes, you can double the turn over rate increasing profits and decreasing wait times for owners and pets alike.

Also Available in a Single Building!

Full List of Features

• Two Large Pet Washing Bays
• Large Pet Tub in Each Bay
• Coin & Bill Acceptor
• Dixmor Timer
• Push Button System – ADA Compliance
• Wash Tub [Including All Paws Pet Wash Plumbing]
• Fur Dryer for Wash Tub
• Informational Signage
• All Paws Pet Wash GFI Electrical Outlets
• HVAC System for temperature control
• Water Heater for warm washes, even the winter
• All Paws Hair Straining System
• Soap Start Up Kit – 2 gallons of each soap
• Treats – 1 box of 100 treats
• Dimensions of unit:
-Length: 21'
-Height: 9.5'
-Width: 8'
-Weight: ~4500 lbs (Depending on Options)

Where would I install one of these?

• Car Wash
• Campground/RV park
• Convenient store/gas station
• Pet Store
• Dog Park
• Kennel
• Pet-Friendly Hotel
• Veterinarian Office or Hospital
• Beach

Tradeshow specials including discounted units, discounted freight, free soaps and marketing materials available.

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