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Ever wanted to clean your pet yourself, but you didn’t have the tools?  Not sure how our units work? Want to see them in action? You're in the right spot!

Our self-serve pet wash lets you get cost-effective grooming in a convenient setting. Watch our products in action in our pet wash videos.

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What Is a Self-Serve Pet Wash?

Self-serve pet washes let pet owners take their furry friend’s grooming into their own hands. They have a station with all the tools and information you need to give your pet a thorough bath. The components of the wash let you give your pet high-quality care.

Pet washes make the grooming experience more comfortable for both pets and humans by preventing excess splashing and injury. They also make it much more convenient — instead of scheduling a grooming appointment, you can visit the pet wash whenever it’s open.

How It Works

Our self-serve pet washes provide tons of features without making the grooming process overly complicated. In fact, using our stations is much easier than trying to clean your pet in the tub or the backyard! Washing your companion takes some simple steps:

  1. Gently guide your furry friend into the tub. Our automated pet washes have a low tub with a step that lets your pet easily get in. Some models also have a spot on the floor where your pet can stand.
  2. Insert money into the money slot. All machines take bills and coins, and some also take credit cards. You will pay for the number of minutes you use the machine — if you start to run out of time, you can always add more money.
  3. Press the button for the wash cycle you want to use. We offer oat shampoo, tearless shampoo, flea and tick shampoo, conditioner, deodorizer and tub disinfectant.
  4. Pick up the sprayer nozzle and squeeze the handle to begin washing your pet. The soap of your choice will be applied with the sprayer water, making a lather for you to rub into your pet’s fur. Press the Rinse button to rinse soap off in between cycles.
  5. Once you’ve applied all the shampoo and conditioner you wanted to use and rinsed it off, you can dry off your companion’s fur. Press the Dryer button and use the groomer-grade blow dryer to get your pet nice and dry.

Our Videos

As they say: Show, don’t tell. Our videos will show you our products in action and give you an idea of what we have to offer you. We have video series such as:

  • The All Paws Pet Wash Show: Let Keith Caldwell, our President, walk you through our products and services.
  • Standard Features: These videos give you a look into the features and functions of our pet washes.
  • Television Appearances: We aren’t the only folks who make videos about our pet washes. Check out what television shows have to say about us!
  • Ambassador Program: See what our human and animal customers have to say about using our self-serve pet washes.

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