The following are general, suggested guidelines for daily, weekly, monthly, and
bimonthly maintenance on your All Paws Pet Wash vending station. You may find more
applicable methods of maintenance in the daily operation of your personal unit.


– Rinse wash tub – Open equipment room door, reel out 20 ft. hose to swing/sliding door of wash bay.
Spray down wash bay walls, floor and tub towards equipment room wall.
– Clean glass if needed – Spray glass starting from the top and work your way to the bottom.

– Rinse Vacuum – Open equipment room door, walk in and turn water valve counter-clockwise to
allow water to be flushed through vacuum for a duration of five seconds. Turn valve
clockwise to OFF.
– Dump hair strainer – Open equipment room door, walk in towards back corner and grab strainer by
brown handle. Dump into an external trash receptacle.
– Check soap levels – Open equipment room door, walk in and locate soaps. Use the guide illustrated
on this page to determine necessary fill-ups. Remember to use the ratio of 20:1 water to
concentrate. Refer to the label on your 2.5 gallon jug for more information. (See image below)
* Depending on water hardness, water to soap ratios may need adjusting.
Soap Photo

– Check that trough is free of pet hair – Use small 3” strainer to skim top of water, removing excess
pet hair. Throw excess pet hair into an external trash receptacle.
– Rinse the trough pump switch by spraying water into the top of the switch holder – Remove excess
film build-up and dry with cloth. This is to ensure correct readings for trough water levels.


– Replace the deodorizing pucks in the hair strainer tank and floor trough as needed.
– Check filter on blow dryer, clean as needed – Filter is located on the back side of dryer. You will need
a philips head screwdriver to gain access to the filter.
– Check operation of spray control – Push diagnostic button in equipment room to run test on all
functionality of pet wash.
– Check the two HVAC filters if applicable – Slide filters up by grabbing lower section and lifting up
then pulling out.


– Rinse the hair strainer – Remove excess hair and clean the strainer.
– Clean glass with Glass Stripper – Work in Glass Stripper with microfiber towel. Rinse with water afterwards.


– Check and replace incoming water filter every six months.
– Clean bill, coin and credit card equipment.

*Subject to change / dependent on unit