Frequently Asked Questions

PROBLEM: No water pressure flow in the wash tub.
SOLUTION: Check incoming water flow at the garden hose outlet. Check pressure gauge picture. It should read approximately 40-50 pounds. If you have sufficient flow at the garden hose outlet, and the 40-50 pounds of necessary pressure, you will need to adjust the flow screw. Start by counting the number of turns it takes to close the screw when turning to the right. The flow at the wash tub should not be very low. Now turn the screw to the left approximately 1 3/4 to 1 7/8 turns, which should increase the flow. Bear in keep in mind the more you turn the flow screw to the left the more you will be increasing the flow, but will equally be decreasing the suction for the shampoo.

Problem: One of the treatments is not feeding. [e.g.: tearless shampoo].

Solution: With the sprayer in the open position and the dial selector set to tearless shampoo, if all is working well, there should be water flowing out of the sprayer. However, if not, check to see if the red light is illuminated on the black solenoid in the equipment room. Slowly lift the clear plastic tube out of the tearless shampoo and check to see if the pick-up screen is clean. Also, check to see if there is an air bubble moving up the tube. If an air bubble is moving up the tube, you are most likely getting the tearless shampoo concentrate flowing, but your concentrate may be too diluted to see foam in the tub. You may be able to simply solve this run it under clear water. Pay close attention when removing the plunger to ensure that you reinstall in the same orientation. If you still do not have any flow, you can increase the material flow by turning the material volume screw to the left. You can also turn the vacuum screw to the left.

PROBLEM: Vacuum is running, but has no suction
SOLUTION: Please check the hose for obstruction. With the vacuum cleaner off, use the water flush valve and flush the vacuum. Make sure water is flowing out of the vacuum. Once completed, run the vacuum and check for suction. If you still do not have suction, you will need to remove and clean the vacuum motor and filter. You can also remove the black drain hose from the check valve at the bottom of the vacuum and then turn on the vacuum. At this point feel if you are achieving suction back threw the check valve. If you are, the check valve flap is not sealing tight and needs to either cleaned or replaced. Clean the filters as needed.

PROBLEM: Floor pumps are not functioning correctly.
SOLUTION: Ensure that hair is not clogging the release hole at the base of the floor pump tube. If clear, spray water directly at the probes to remove any excess build-up of film. When accumulated, this build-up will not allow the probes to work correctly. Maintenance: Check fan filter and hair blower filter, clean and replace as needed.

PROBLEM: Water is not pumping out of the hair strainer tank.
SOLUTION: The pump float switch is stuck. Simply, un-lodge the pump float. Rinse out tank as needed.