Amenities fo Attract Renters

Are you wondering what tenants look for in a rental property? If you are, this list of amenities that attract target renters can help.

What Tenants Look for in a Rental Property

Here are five amenities you can add to make your property more attractive to potential tenants:

  1. A Dog Park: Dog owners are on the rise in the United States. Rather than going the "no pets allowed" route, adding a dog park to your list of amenities is a surefire way to attract renters. Dog parks give your local pups a place to play safely, in a nondisruptive way. If you've been thinking about amenities that attract target renters, dogs parks are at the top of the list.
  2. A Dog Washing Station: Not everyone is keen on giving their pups baths in an inside bathtub — especially a big dog. Having anonsite location where your tenants can bathe their pupscan save them a trip to the groomers. It also saves their backs since there's no awkward positioning to get their dog clean.
  3. Smart Upgrades: We live in an era of technology. Your renters will appreciate any smart upgrades such as in-app, home-based security systems. Featuring a decked out media room for your common area can attract tenants to your property as well. You may also want to consider developing your own app for your residents to use. Apps offer some convenient features including paying rent, checking for property updates and communication systems.
  4. Work-Life Balance: Many people like to live in a place that makes getting to work easy. If your apartment complex isn't walking distance to public transportation, consider adding a shuttle service to and from the train, subway or bus station. This bonus is one of the less thought of amenities to attract renters. Implementing this idea will make your complex even more desirable.
  5. Mail Access: Most homeowners and renters receive at least one package a month. It's important for your community members to feel like their mail is in safe hands. Featuring a mail room of sorts, with lockers for packages, is one thing tenants look for in a rental property.
  6. A Gym: Wondering how to attract higher-paying tenants to your property? Add a gym to your list of amenities and attract renters faster than ever before. People will choose convenience over everything. If your renters have access to a 24/7 gym, they'll be more likely to select your complex or house as their next home.

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How Do I Attract Tenants to My Property?

Now that you know what amenities will attract your target renters, it's time to prepare and market your offerings:

  • Stage Your Property Well: Beautify your amenities so that your future renters notice them. On your tour, be sure to point out the dog park, media room and smart upgrades. Make it clear that you're dedicated to giving your tenants the best home life experience.
  • Smart Advertising: Create a strong advertising plan. Amenities that attract target renters naturally will help with your marketing efforts. Once you get your future tenants' attention, the facilities will sell themselves.

Ready to Install a Self-Serve Dog Washing Station?

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