How to Keep Your Pet Clean While Traveling

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If you’re planning a road trip and want to bring your pet along for the ride, you’re probably wondering how you can keep your car clean while you’re traveling with your dog. This concern is a common one for many pet parents, particularly for people who are new to traveling with their furry family members.

The key to maintaining a clean pet while traveling is to prepare in advance. One of the most important things you’ll need to do is to ensure you have a sufficient supply of your pet’s normal food and treats. Cleaning a dog who rolls around in the dirt once in a while is one thing. Cleaning a pet who has the runs every day due to an irregular diet is quite another.

You’ll also need to pick up some cleaning supplies if you don’t already have them on hand. One of your biggest priorities will be to keep surfaces sanitary when you’re traveling with your pet. Limiting the parts of your car that your dog can access will be immensely helpful in this regard. If you don’t have a cargo area that you can block off with a gate, consider putting your pet in a crate or using a restraint to keep them in the back seat safely and comfortably.

Of course, it’s inevitable that your dog will make their way to other parts of your car when you take breaks from the road. Be sure you have the non-toxic supplies required to wipe down surfaces like your upholstery, dashboard, storage areas and windows as necessary.

How to Wash a Dog on Road Trips

Even if you’re staying in a hotel that has a full bath, it may not be convenient to give your pet a regular bath while you’re traveling. Luckily, there are some other ways you can keep them clean and smelling fresh during your travels. Here are some actions you can take to keep your pet clean while traveling:

  • Brush your pet regularly: Brushing at least once a day will go a long way toward keeping your furry traveling companion clean. Whether you’re going to bathe your pet in the tub or use an alternative cleaning method, you should brush them beforehand.
  • Use pet or baby wipes: You can use a few pet wipes to clean your dog’s filthy areas or a bunch of them to freshen up their whole body. If you don’t have pet wipes, you can use baby wipes instead. Regardless of the type of wipe you use, be sure to avoid using it too close to your dog’s eyes.
  • Apply a waterless shampoo: Waterless pet shampoo comes in multiple forms, including powders, foams and sprays. After you brush your pet, apply the waterless shampoo all over your dog, massage it into their coat so that it reaches their skin, then grab a towel and wipe the shampoo off.
  • Create a mixture of baking soda and cornstarch: While some people may recommend a pet cologne, using a mixture of baking soda and cornstarch is a great way to clean a dog, especially if your pet is stinky. In addition to removing your dog’s funk, the baking soda will absorb excess oil. The cornstarch will relieve discomfort caused by dry skin and hot spots. If you’re going to a destination known for having fleas and ticks, consider adding an essential oil like lavender to your mixture. Use this mixture the same way you’d use the waterless shampoo.
  • Find the nearest All Paws Pet Wash: If you want to give your pet a regular bath while you’re traveling, you simply have to find the nearest All Paws Pet Wash. Visit our Find a Pet Wash page, or contact us to find the pet wash closest to your current location!
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Reasons to Open a Self-Serve Pet Wash at the Beach

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Isn’t it great when you see people spending time with their pets at the beach? You don’t have to be a pet lover to enjoy seeing dogs frolicking in the water, playing frisbee or rolling around in the sand. Dogs can make just about anyone smile with their antics on the beach, especially when they’re playing in the surf.

While it’s obvious that many dogs have a great time at the beach, the end of playtime can be a nightmare for their owners. When it’s time to load a wet and sandy dog into their vehicle, a lot of pet owners regret bringing their furry family members out for some fun in the ocean. And that’s a shame, because they may think twice before they treat their dogs with a visit to the beach in the future.

Benefits of Having a Dog Wash Business at the Beach

The leading advantage of having a dog wash business at the beach is that it gives pet owners the chance to clean their dogs before loading them into their automobiles. Because they won’t have to worry about a sandy, soaking wet dog messing up their vehicles, they’ll be more likely to continue to bring their dogs around for some fun.

While those are good results for dogs and their owners, opening an outdoor pet wash at the beach can provide some meaningful benefits for you as well, assuming you’re the one who opens it. The number one benefit you’ll enjoy if you open a self-serve pet wash is making money. Unless you’re adding a pet wash as a community amenity, you’ll charge people to use it, which means you’ll have a new income stream.

Another benefit to operating an outdoor pet wash at the beach is that you won’t necessarily have to be around for people to use it. While you may want to hire an attendant or be present yourself in case someone needs assistance, it’s not required. At most, you’ll have to visit your pet wash several times a day to make sure it’s fully stocked with bathing supplies and that it’s clean and working properly.

Having your own business while providing a service that dogs will appreciate as much as their owners is a great plan. When you consider that a self-serve pet wash doesn’t need to be staffed full-time, it’s hard to make a case for not opening one at the beach or near the shore of a lake or river.

Contact All Paws Pet Wash

All Paws Pet Wash is an industry leader that creates customizable indoor and outdoor pet washes. Our units are ideal for many kinds of locations, including the beach. If you want to open a self-serve pet wash at the beach, we’re the experts who can design a user- and pet-friendly pet wash for you. To learn more about our units or discuss your specific needs in detail, contact All Paws Pet Wash today.

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The ROI/Value of Adding a Self-Serve Pet Wash & How to Be Profitable

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It’s no secret that people located throughout the United States love their pets. It’s also not a secret that American pet owners are willing to spend money on their furry, scaly, winged and aquatic family members.

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Tips for Washing Your Dog in the Winter — What You Need to Know About Cold Weather Bathing

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Whether you’re a new dog owner or you’ve owned dogs most of your life, you may wonder whether you can give your dog a bath in the winter. If you find yourself asking that question, rest assured that the answer is yes. You can and often should bathe a dog in the winter, as long as you know how.

Tips for Washing Your Pets in the Winter

Bathing a big dog is pretty much the same as bathing a small or medium-sized dog in the winter. Once you master one size dog, you should be able to handle dogs of almost any size as long, as you have enough supplies and can lift the dog into and out of the tub safely. Remember — no matter how big or small a dog is, it’s never a good idea to let them jump into or out of a tub on their own, because slippery surfaces and wet paws that can slide may lead to serious injuries.

Bathing Your Dog in the Winter

If you normally bathe your dog outside using your hose during the warmer months, you’ll probably have to adjust your routine during the winter, as it might be too cold to bathe your dog outdoors. Like humans, dogs can suffer from hypothermia, so it’s vital that you only wash your dog under the proper conditions when it’s cold. This usually means bathing your dog indoors in a warm environment.

If you’re going to do it yourself, washing a dog in winter involves some work to keep them comfortable. Here are six tips:

  1. Control air temperature: The first step is to make sure your home is warm before, during and after your dog’s bath and until your pet is completely dry. If your home doesn’t have central heat, use a space heater to keep the bathing area warm and allow your pet to dry off after.
  2. Maintain water temperature: Only use warm water to bathe your pet. While your dog might enjoy splashing around in cold bath water when it’s hot outside, it’s unsafe to wash your dog with cold water during the winter, especially if they normally have to relieve themselves immediately after getting a bath. If your dog must go to the bathroom after getting a bath, make the trip outdoors as short and close to home as possible.
  3. Prepare warm towels: Before you bathe your dog, warm up some thick towels in your dryer. After the bath, let your pet shake excess water from their coat. Then, use the towels to absorb remaining water from their fur and body.
  4. Prepare for post-bath: Make preparations to keep your dog inside until they are completely dry. In general, it’s wise to bathe your dog early in the day — especially if they have thick fur — so they’ll be dry before their evening walk.
  5. Adapt to the animal’s lifestyle: If you have a dog that lives outside, you can still give them a good cleaning, even when it is too cold to bathe a dog outdoors. You can use a dry shampoo to avoid getting your pet wet.
  6. Find a quality washing location: If you want to wash your dog on your own but don’t want to run the risk of clogging your tub’s drain with pet hair, you should find an All Paws Pet Wash station near you. Washing your dog at a self-serve pet station is safe, fun and hassle-free. You don’t even need to bring your own shampoo when you bring your dog to an All Paws Pet Wash! Use our Find a Pet Wash Site locator now!

Start Your Own Self-Serve Pet-Wash Business in Your Community

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and love animals, you may want to start your very own self-serve pet-wash business in your community. All Paws Pet Wash makes realizing your dream of becoming a business owner easy and affordable. If you want customizable options, a full line of products and excellent customer support, you couldn’t ask for a better partner than All Paws Pet Wash.

Questions? Contact Us Call Now: 877-880-6056 Request a Quote Today!

To learn more about the self-serve pet-wash options we provide, contact All Paws Pet Wash today!

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Marketing Tips for Your Pet Wash

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tips for marketing a self service pet wash, computer keyboard and coffee

Wondering how to market your self-serve pet wash? Even veteran business owners can use tips for their wash since marketing techniques for pet wash owners are constantly evolving. Once you know what gets your message across, you can market a coin-operated dog wash with ease.

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Holiday Plants and Decorations — Keeping Your Furry Friends Safe

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During the winter holiday season, we celebrate all our loved ones, including our pets. Pet safety during the holidays involves a lot of consideration when you pick your decorations. Keep your pets safe during the holidays by taking care with holiday plants dangerous to pets and decorations that can hurt your dog or other furry friends.

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Eliminate the Wet Dog Smell

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Sooner or later, every pooch owner experiences it: the dreaded wet dog smell. While it’s a natural part of being a doggy parent, it’s not exactly the most exciting aspect of owning a four-legged BFF. However, you can make your dog smell better with a few tips on how to get rid of or even prevent the wet dog smell.

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How Often Should You Wash Your Dog?

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Man’s best friend might act high and mighty, but every pooch needs a little help when it comes to staying neat and tidy. Dogs turn into frolicking toddlers when they come across a mud puddle, a patch of freshly mowed grass or even an open trash can. No wonder they start to smell a bit less than pleasant! That’s when you know it’s time to bathe your dog.

But how often should you wash your dog to prevent the build-up of bacteria, dirt, insects and all the other grime you’d rather not have on your sofa or bed?
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