Tips For Planning a Dog Park

With the number of dog owners growing every year, many neighborhoods, apartments, and condos are shifting to provide pet-friendly spaces for their furry, four-legged community members. In case you've found yourself asking "how do I open a dog park?", here are our top tips for building a dog park that will improve the lives of both your canine and human residents.

How to Build a Dog Park in Your Community

There are five main steps in planning a dog park:

1. Pick an Ideal Location

Choosing the perfect place is the most crucial part of the dog park planning process. Ideally, you should look for an area on the side, or at the back of your community. Open spaces off the beaten path are best. The dog park should also feature easy access for your residents and their dogs. If you can set your dog park in a place with shade, that will make your park's visitors extra happy.

2. Add Fencing

Every dog park needs a fenced in perimeter and designated entrance area. Your fence should be at least five feet or higher — some dogs can jump high! The entrance to your park is also elemental. If you can implement a double gate system, that will ensure the safety of your residents and dogs to the highest degree. Try placing your gate in the most visible part of your dog park as you can. Furthermore, setting your gateway along the sides of the park will create the best dog entry experience for your pups.

3. Have Separate Spaces for Small and Large Dogs

It's important to have two separate areas in your dog park — one for small dogs and one for large dogs. This feature will increase the use and safety of your dog park. Simply place a divider down the middle of your park to create space for different sized dogs to enjoy themselves.

4. Have an Available Water Supply

This is one of the most essential tips for building a dog park. Ensuring that all dogs have access to water inside your dog park is key to a healthy playtime experience.

5. Include Signage for Important Rules

You'll want to hang a sign in your dog park explaining all the rules. Here are some ideas of what to include:

  • Pet owners are legally responsible for their canines and injuries inflicted by them.
  • Owners must clean up after their dogs by using a bag.
  • Animals that have exhibited past negative behavior should not enter the dog park.
  • Owners must keep their dogs in sight at all times.

6. Add a Dog Washing Station

After playtime, pups might be muddy, or they might get hot on summer days. Offering a dog washing station at your dog park can be an ideal way to make sure your park's visitors stay clean and cool. It can also be a convenient way for dog owners to give their dogs regular baths, too, rather than having to get them in the bathtub or the shower.

It's important to consider each part of the dog park planning process carefully. Once you decide on the perfect location, the rest of your dog park planning will come naturally.

Extra Tips on Building a Dog Park

If you feel like you need more tips on how to build a dog park in your community, or would like to learn more about adding a self-serve dog washing station to your space, contact us today!

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