The ROI/Value of Adding a Self-Serve Pet Wash & How to Be Profitable

It’s no secret that people located throughout the United States love their pets. It’s also not a secret that American pet owners are willing to spend money on their furry, scaly, winged and aquatic family members.

According to an annual report prepared by the American Pet Products Association, pet parents in the U.S. spent over $95 billion on their pets in 2019. Of that combined total, about $10.3 billion went to pet services like grooming.

A survey of 2,000 dog and cat owners conducted by VIP Petcare revealed that pet owners spend an average of $2,260 on their pets in just one year. With a typical pet owner spending $323 on their pet’s clothing and grooming every year, more than 10 percent of an owner’s average annual pet expenditures may be devoted to their pet’s wardrobe and grooming alone.

Considering APPA says 68 percent of the households in the United States include at least one pet and pet owners’ willingness to pay for grooming, it’s clear pet grooming and bathing is big business. People devoted more money to pet services in 2019 than they did the year before, and spending in this niche market is likely to continue to increase year-over-year just like pet owners’ overall combined pet expenditures have in recent decades. This makes it a perfect time for your business to add a pet wash.

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The Value of Adding a Self-Serve Pet Wash

If you’re an entrepreneur, you’re probably eager to find ways you can tap into the revenue the grooming industry generates. Luckily, there are many locations all over the country where current and aspiring business owners can grab a share of the pet grooming industry’s revenue.

Whether you currently own a business or you want to start one, adding a self-serve pet wash to an area that doesn’t already have one can provide value for you as well as the community. Some dogs require full grooming services, which include haircuts. Many others, like Labrador retrievers and boxers, simply need baths. People who own “bath dogs” may pay to have their dogs washed in a grooming shop, or they wash their pets themselves.

Although it generally costs less to have a dog bathed in a grooming shop than it does to have another kind of dog washed and styled, it’s still more expensive than bathing these dogs at home. The problem with bathing a dog at home is the animal’s hair can clog the drain of your tub after just a few washes. This can force a pet owner to put the money they saved by bathing their dog on their own toward costly plumbing services to unclog their pipes.

All Paws Pet Wash Investment Performance Example

Let’s go over what an All Paws Pet Wash unit can do for you. Typical buy-in price (cost of unit and installation) ranges between $15,000 and $75,000. Our typical pricing set up requires $10 to start the wash with 12 minutes on the timer. This price is adjustable, however this is the pricing model that we have seen works best. In the performance example below, we’ll assume you’ll have 5 pet washing customers coming through your pet wash a day.


*This performance example does not include the cost of freight or sales tax

Solve Pet Owners' Problems by Offering a Pet Wash

The pet wash value proposition is this — you provide a self-serve, fee-based pet wash that costs less than it does for a groomer to wash a person’s dog, making you money. You also save the dog’s owner money, since they won't have to worry about their plumbing. You win. And so do local pet owners who frequent your pet wash.

Even dogs that require full haircuts, like poodles, sometimes need baths in between grooming appointments. This means your market of potential customers isn’t limited to the owners of bath dogs. Instead, your market includes just about every dog owner in the area surrounding your self-serve pet wash. With cats sometimes needing baths, your pool of potential clients even includes cat owners.

What does a large market of prospective clients mean for you? It means you can earn good money with a dog wash.

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The Value of Adding a Coin-Operated Dog Wash

If you’re intrigued by the self-serve pet wash value proposition, you’re probably thinking about more specific things at this point. One common question entrepreneurs ask is, “What is the value of a coin-operated dog wash?”

Just like there are different kinds of self-serve pet washes, many units come with different payment methods. Some come with credit and debit card readers while others come with machines that accept dollar bills or coins. To determine which payment method is the right one for your location, you must study your target market and learn how people in your area typically pay for purchases that cost about the same amount as the washes at your station.

Another question that comes up often is, “How much can I make with a self-serve pet wash?” The answer to this question depends on a host of factors, which include:

  • How many days per week your wash will be open
  • Daily hours of operation
  • How much you charge per bath

According to Keith Caldwell, president of All Paws Pet Wash, the average monthly revenue you can earn from a self-serve pet wash can range from $800 per month during a slow period up to $3,000 per month during busier times. The great thing is, you can adjust the price per wash so that it’s affordable for pet owners to use your station and profitable for you to run one in just about any target location.

A typical operator who owns an All Paws Pet Wash station charges $10 for a 12-minute wash. Setting your prices so that users pay $5 for six minutes instead of $1 per minute will likely make your pet wash seem even more affordable because people will feel like they’re getting 20 percent more time at no additional cost.

What Is the ROI on a Self-Serve Pet Wash?

In addition to wondering about the amount of money they can make, entrepreneurs are often curious about the value of a self-serve pet wash. The best way to determine the value of a coin-operated pet wash or one that accepts another form of payment is to calculate the ROI of your self-serve pet wash after it’s in operation. The equation for calculating ROI is as follows:

  • ROI = (Gain on Investment – Cost of Investment) / Cost of Investment

The key to calculating your ROI accurately is to factor in all of the expenses related to your investment, including your ongoing costs like electricity and water. The cumulative expense of your investment will increase over time because of your operating expenses. Ideally, the gain on your investment will increase as well so that you’ll continue to see a positive return.

How Much Does a Self-Serve Dog Wash Cost?

You have to include all the costs related to your investment to accurately calculate ROI. The cost of a self-serve pet wash varies in accordance with many factors, including the model you want to install. To learn which model will work best at your location and how much it will cost, contact All Paws Pet Wash now.

If you want to get an estimate of what your ROI will be before you set up a self-serve pet wash, you can do market research to determine how much revenue you can reasonably expect to make and how much it will be to install and run your station. Insert your estimates into the equation provided above to calculate the projected ROI of your self-serve pet wash.

Opportunity Costs of a Self-Serve Pet Wash

Even if you’re already excited about the prospect of owning a self-serve pet wash, it’s important to understand that these units come with some opportunity costs. The most notable one is you’ll have to give up some physical space at your current business location to install your pet wash.

Another opportunity cost that often comes with a self-serve pet wash is the impact on your current operating expenses. Your business may currently consume $300 of electricity and $250 worth of water per month. That may rise when you install the pet wash, and you won't know how much until it’s up and running.

A third opportunity cost is that you’ll have to invest in buying, installing and operating a self-serve pet wash. Still, the benefits and value these units provide to both their owners and their users typically outweigh the opportunity costs.

Self-Serve Pet Washes Generate Passive Income

The question may not be can you afford to invest in a self-serve pet wash but rather can you afford not to, because this generates passive income. A self-serve pet wash is exactly what its name implies — a washing station where pet owners can bathe their dogs in exchange for a modest fee. Depending on the unit you install, your customers may also be able to dry their pets at your unit.

Because you will not bathe pets for your clients, you don’t need to do much to run your self-serve pet wash. You simply have to:

  • Make sure it’s stocked with the supplies people will need
  • Keep your station clean and well-maintained

You do not even have to provide staff to run the wash. Say your pet wash generates revenue on the lower end of the range mentioned earlier. Your unit can still make nearly $10,000 per year with very little effort from you and without requiring you to hire an attendant. If your pet wash generates revenue at the higher end of the range, your self-serve station can produce as much as $36,000 of passive income per year.

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Self-Serve Pet Washes Add Perceived Value to Your Existing Businesses

When you add a self-serve pet wash to an existing business, it can greatly increase the perceived value of your current location. People will recognize they can get more from one stop at your place than they used to.

A self-serve pet wash can save your customers money on bathing their pets. It can also save them valuable time, something they will appreciate. Instead of visiting your business for one thing and then going to a grooming shop to have their pets bathed, your customers can accomplish both things in less time when you have a self-serve pet wash on your property.

A self-serve pet wash has the potential to attract new clients as well. Pet owners who drive past your business will have a reason to stop and spend money after you install a self-serve pet wash. They may also decide to try out your existing business and spend even more money when they visit your location, meaning your pet wash can help you make money off the same customers in several ways.

How to Be a Profitable Business Owner

If you’re a current business owner, the odds are good you know how to be a profitable one. Crucial ingredients in the recipe that leads to profitable business ownership include:

  • Advertising
  • Marketing
  • Managing your expenses
  • Providing excellent customer service

While you may know how to make a profit from your existing business, you may be trying to figure out how to have a profitable self-serve dog wash. The first thing you should do is partner with the right vendor.

You want to choose a vendor that will support your pet wash for however long it remains in operation. You also want to pick a vendor that understands your market and can help you promote your pet wash. You want one that has a pet wash unit that will work seamlessly at your location as well.

Partner With All Paws Pet Wash

At All Paws Pet Wash, we sell an array of self-serve pet washes that range in size and are ideal for many types of businesses, including gas stations, car washes and convenience stores, to name just a few. We provide support for the entrepreneurs who buy our pet washes because we’re dedicated to their success. We sell all the supplies you’ll need to keep your self-serve pet wash fully stocked and ready for use.

We help people promote their All Paws Pet Wash station by including their location in the list of local pet washes available on our website. We also offer nice-looking banners you can display at your location to draw attention to your self-serve pet wash. Of course, we offer additional marketing materials that make it a cinch to let people know about your self-serve pet wash.

We invite you to look through our generous selection of self-serve pet washes now. If you’d like more information about one of our stations or you need help figuring out which unit will work best on your property, we encourage you to reach out to us.

Once you know which self-serve pet wash you want to install at your location, we’ll be happy to provide you with a free, no-obligation quote. If you want to enjoy the passive income, benefits and added value a self-serve pet wash has the potential to provide, contact All Paws Pet Wash. We look forward to hearing from you and watching you become the profitable owner and operator of a self-serve pet wash produced by All Paws Pet Wash.

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