Benefits of Opening a Pet Wash at Your Pet Store or Pet Bakery

If you already own a pet store or pet bakery, you know how willing most pet owners are to spend money on their furry family. According to the American Pet Products Association (APPA), Americans spent $30.32 billion on pet food alone in 2018, a figure that’s forecasted to increase to $31.68 billion in 2019. While it’s great news for the owners of pet stores and bakeries that pet parents are willing to spend more on pet food, it doesn’t mean you have to settle for a piece of that revenue stream exclusively.

Pet owners pay for other things for their fuzzy family members in addition to buying pet food. Having their pets bathed is one of the things many pet parents pay for. The APPA accounts for pet grooming in the other services category. In 2018, pet owners spent $6.11 billion on other services, and they’re expected to spend even more in this vertical in 2019.

What do these figures mean for your pet store or bakery? They mean you have the chance to tap into another revenue stream if you add a self-serve pet wash to your pet store or bakery.

Why Install a Pet Wash at Your Pet Store or Bakery?

By adding a self-serve pet wash at your pet bakery or store, you’re establishing another bankable revenue stream. And the great thing is, it’s a passive income stream! With a self-serve pet wash by All Paws Pet Wash, your customers will wash their pets on their own using the supplies you provide in your self-contained bathing area. You won’t even have to hire an attendant — you’ll simply have to keep your pet wash clean and stocked with supplies.

When you install a self-serve pet wash at your location, you’ll immediately increase the perceived value of your business. While your existing clients will appreciate being able to bathe their pets at the same place where they can pick up food and necessary pet supplies, new customers may visit your location specifically to use your newly added pet wash.

Reasons to Add a Self-Serve Pet Wash for Your Customers

Convenience is the number one reason you should consider adding a self-serve pet wash to your pet bakery or pet store for your customers. In addition to being able to clean their pets and pick up supplies in one location, your customers will be able to bathe their pets whenever they want if your pet wash is open 24/7. As a result, they won’t have to worry about fishing pet hair out of their own bathroom drain.

Another reason installing a self-serve pet wash is a good idea is that you can save your customers money, which they’ll certainly appreciate. By enabling your customers to bathe their pets on their own, you can help them trim their cumulative annual grooming expenses. Although your customers will pay to use your pet wash, they’ll pay less than they would if they took their pet to a groomer for a bath instead.

Order a Pet Wash From All Paws Pet Wash

Available with different floor plans and packages, every pet wash we sell is high-quality and durable. We’ll deliver a great-looking, fully assembled pet wash to your location that can benefit your existing business as well as your current and future customers and their four-legged family members.

All Paws Pet Wash… It’s a Tail Waggin’ Good Time! And it’s time for you to get in on the fun. Contact us to order a self-serve pet wash for your pet store or pet bakery today.