Benefits of Opening a Pet Wash at Your Campground

Pet owners enjoy spending time with their dogs. Whenever possible, they’ll try to bring their furry companions along on vacation. Camping is the perfect place for this because most outdoor activities are suitable for dogs.

Because campgrounds can be a popular place for canines, you should consider having amenities for these furry friends. One of the services you may think about installing in your campground is a self-serve pet wash, which will benefit your income and provide dog owners with a service they’ll actually use. Here are some benefits of adding a pet wash to your campground.

Lots of Use

Dogs naturally enjoy the outdoors and can get themselves into many sticky situations. If your campground has a beach, dogs will get sand caught in their fur, which can irritate their skin. They’ll love to explore the woods, but they can get themselves into dirt or mud that can track inside their owner’s RV if it’s not cleaned off. And let’s not forget, if the dog has a run-in with a skunk in the woods, not bathing after just isn’t an option!

Without a self-serve pet wash, campers who want to wash their dog may not have an option to. Many RV bathrooms are too small to bathe a medium or large-size dog. Fur clumping and clogging the drain is also a real concern when it comes to RV maintenance. Though the most realistic option is the shower house, dogs are not often allowed in these facilities unless they’re service dogs. Beaches often have shower heads to wash the sand off people, but they don’t always work best for washing dogs.

Having a coin-operated dog wash for your campground will easily solve your campers’ problems related to bathing their dogs.

Easy Income for Your Business

People will always need to wash their pets, and this fact is especially true with camping. After the facility is installed in your campground, you’ll only need to set the prices and check the wash regularly to make sure it’s running properly. As you’re busy doing other work, the pet wash will keep making money for your business.

Access to an Industry That’s on the Rise

As long as people have pets, the self-serve pet wash in your campground will keep getting business. And it’s not likely that the trend of owning a pet will stop anytime soon. According to the 2017-2018 National Pet Owners Survey, 60.2% of households own a dog, and this number has been continually rising since 1988. Having a self-serve pet wash at your campground will serve your current campers as well as future dog owners.

Add a Coin-Operated Dog Wash to Your Campground

All Paws Pet Wash makes it easy to wash dogs at an affordable price. Our full-service buildings have everything a pet owner needs to make their dog feel comfortable and get them clean again. For business owners, a coin-operated dog wash at a business can be a profitable addition to income and a meaningful service for customers.

If you want to have a self-serve pet wash at your campground, contact us for more information, or request pricing information if you’re ready to install an All Paws Pet Wash at your business.