Benefits of Opening a Self-Serve Pet Wash at Your Dog Pool/Spa

Your lack of gills doesn’t stop you from swimming, and it certainly isn’t going to stop your dog, either. Unfortunately, you can’t take your dog with you if you go to a public pool. You can take them to a pool of their own kind, instead — and swim with them too!

Dog pools and spas are especially beneficial to those without a place to take their dogs for good underwater exercise. Dog spas offer a place not only for dogs to get exercise and play, but also cater to dogs who need to use water as a form of physical therapy. Because dogs are exposed to a variety of cleaning chemicals in water, it might be a good idea to add a self-serve pet wash to your dog spa.

A Captive Customer

A dog wash station at a public dog pool is a perfect way to give customers a reason to wash their dog afterward. While the dogs are taking their dip, they are exposed to the sometimes harsh chemicals used to clean that water. Those chemicals can irritate a dog’s skin just like it does a person’s, which is why you should wash your dog soon after their swim. 

That’s where our self-serve pet wash comes in. If you don’t offer a way for your customers to clean their dogs, they have to go home and rinse and dry their dog. When you install a self-serve pet wash, though, you can save customers time, money and space.

Our self-serve pet wash systems come with a full array of amenities, including shampoos, disinfectants and more, to help better serve your customers and their precious pets. Our assemblies come fully built — all you need to do is add water!

A Boost of Income

Because you own the station, you can charge customers whatever you’d like to wash their pets. All that’s required of you after the initial installation is to periodically check to make sure the station is functioning properly and all shampoos are topped up. 

Our typical locations see an average of 100 to 200 customers per month, and average monthly revenue can generate anywhere from $800 to $3,000 a month!

Choose All Paws Pet Wash for Your Dog Spa

All Paws Pet Wash takes the groomer to your public dog pool or spa. By doing so, we help you generate passive income while giving your customers a cost-effective and less messy solution than cleaning their pet at home. 

Our facilities are open 24/7/365 and offer heated water in colder months and vice versa. They come with five kinds of shampoos and treatments for pets, as well as a disinfectant spray to clean the tub. A vacuum and groomer-grade dryer are available to dry the pet after washing, and a pet treat vending machine will let pups know just how good they were after. 

Do you want to open a pet wash at your doggy day spa? Give us a call to request pricing information or to ask any questions you may have at 877-880-6056.