10 Clean Home Tips for Pet Lovers

A clean house means a safer, more relaxing space for you and your family. We love our four-legged friends, but between excessive shedding, muddy paws, smelly litter boxes and accidents on the carpet, keeping your house clean with pets around can be a difficult task. 

If you are struggling to keep your house clean as a dog or cat owner, there are some tips you can follow to make things easier. 

From muddy paws to spills at mealtimes, your pets can make your house a little messy. Here’s what you can do to clean up after your furry friends.

1. Keep Your Pets Clean

Regular baths will help to keep your pets clean. It’s simple — the cleaner your pets are, the cleaner your home will be. However, this is often easier said than done. 

If washing your pets at home is too chaotic and messy and if professional groomers are too costly, consider visiting a pet wash station. Pet wash stations are a fraction of the price of a professional groomer and give you the chance to be hands-on with your pet in a more controlled environment than your bathroom at home.

2. Get Doormats

Doormats are your home’s first line of defense against dirt, mud and other debris your pet’s paws can track inside after daily walks. Having both an indoor and outdoor doormat is the best way to catch as much of the dirt as possible. Doormats are especially useful during days with heavy rain or snow.

When choosing a doormat, look for one that is non-slip and has a rough texture to help scrape the dirt off of your pet’s paws.

3. Protect Your Furniture

Keep your furniture safe and free of pet hair and odor by covering it with a furniture protector. Furniture protectors save you the trouble of manually scrubbing your furniture or renting expensive equipment. When selecting a furniture protector, choose one that is machine washable and easy to slip on and off.

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4. Invest in the Right Rug

Having a rug in your home can be very beneficial. Rugs muffle sound, add style to your space and protect your floors from your pet’s nails. However, for pet owners, keeping a rug clean can be a challenge. Consider investing in a machine-washable rug. 

If you own pets, choosing a dark-colored or heavily patterned rug might also be in your best interest, as paw prints and stains will not be as noticeable.

5. Keep the Litter Box Fresh

Experts say you should be cleaning your cat’s litter box at least twice per day to prevent odor from spreading through your home. On top of regular scooping, you should also be deep cleaning your cat’s litter box with hot water and soap at least once per week. After deep cleaning, you should always add fresh litter. 

When filling your cat’s litter box, fill it with two to four inches of litter. Leaving your cat without enough litter results in a messier litter box and may cause your cat to seek an alternative spot.

In addition to regular cleaning, buy your cat a new litter box once per year to maintain freshness and keep bacteria to a minimum.

6. Clean Messes Immediately

If your pet tracks mud inside or has an accident on the carpet, clean the mess right away. As a busy pet owner, it can be tempting to leave a mess until a more convenient time. However, the longer a mess sits, the more time it has to seep into your floor or other surfaces. Save yourself a tougher or more costly clean up by tackling messes as they happen.

7. Keep Pet Toys Clean

Your pet’s toys can often be an unexpected cause of odor in your home. Think about all the things your pet’s favorite toy goes through — your pet chews on it, carries it around in his mouth and takes it everywhere he goes. Make a note to wash your pet’s toys each week to prevent any bacteria build-up or bad smells. Replace worn toys as needed.

8. Scrub Pet Bowls

Don’t forget about your pet’s food and water dishes. It’s essential to keep these cleaned regularly to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria that your pet can easily ingest. 

If your pet eats wet pet food from their dish, daily cleaning is recommended. Bowls that hold dry dog food might not need scrubbed as frequently. Water bowls should be cleaned daily and disinfected weekly.

9. Manage Pet Hair

Are you wondering how to keep a clean house with a dog that sheds? Getting rid of dog hair can be challenging, but there are a few things you can do to make it more manageable:

  • Use a lint roller: Keep a lint roller handy to remove pet hair from clothing or furniture quickly.
  • Vacuum regularly: Invest in a high-quality vacuum designed for picking up pet hair and vacuum your home regularly. Frequent vacuuming will keep pet hair and dander from building up.
  • Brush your pet daily: Brushing your pets daily is the best way to minimize loose hair. Integrate regular brushing into your pet’s daily routine.

10. Open the Windows

To keep your house from smelling like a dog, open your windows whenever possible. Although air fresheners, candles and fabric sprays may be a suitable short-term solution for eliminating pet smell, fresh air is the best option. Open your windows to allow fresh air to circulate your home. 

If you have a pet that can reach your open windows, make sure you have a screen or other barrier in place to keep them safely inside.

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