How to Keep Your Pet Clean While Traveling

Of course, it’s inevitable that your dog will make their way to other parts of your car when you take breaks from the road. Be sure you have the non-toxic supplies required to wipe down surfaces like your upholstery, dashboard, storage areas and windows as necessary.

How to Wash a Dog on Road Trips

Even if you’re staying in a hotel that has a full bath, it may not be convenient to give your pet a regular bath while you’re traveling. Luckily, there are some other ways you can keep them clean and smelling fresh during your travels. Here are some actions you can take to keep your pet clean while traveling:

  • Brush your pet regularly: Brushing at least once a day will go a long way toward keeping your furry traveling companion clean. Whether you’re going to bathe your pet in the tub or use an alternative cleaning method, you should brush them beforehand.
  • Use pet or baby wipes: You can use a few pet wipes to clean your dog’s filthy areas or a bunch of them to freshen up their whole body. If you don’t have pet wipes, you can use baby wipes instead. Regardless of the type of wipe you use, be sure to avoid using it too close to your dog’s eyes.
  • Apply a waterless shampoo: Waterless pet shampoo comes in multiple forms, including powders, foams and sprays. After you brush your pet, apply the waterless shampoo all over your dog, massage it into their coat so that it reaches their skin, then grab a towel and wipe the shampoo off.
  • Create a mixture of baking soda and cornstarch: While some people may recommend a pet cologne, using a mixture of baking soda and cornstarch is a great way to clean a dog, especially if your pet is stinky. In addition to removing your dog’s funk, the baking soda will absorb excess oil. The cornstarch will relieve discomfort caused by dry skin and hot spots. If you’re going to a destination known for having fleas and ticks, consider adding an essential oil like lavender to your mixture. Use this mixture the same way you’d use the waterless shampoo.
  • Find the nearest All Paws Pet Wash: If you want to give your pet a regular bath while you’re traveling, you simply have to find the nearest All Paws Pet Wash. Visit our Find a Pet Wash page, or contact us to find the pet wash closest to your current location!