Benefits of Opening a Pet Wash at Your Pet Rescue

Your pet rescue does great work every day helping dogs, cats and other animals get adopted. However, it’s often difficult to bring in revenue as a rescue, and you may rely on donations and other charitable gifts. If you’re looking for a source of passive income, opening a pet wash at an animal shelter is a great way to continue promoting animal wellbeing and generate some more funds.

Reasons to Open a Pet Wash at an Animal Shelter

Bathtime isn’t everyone’s favorite event — for pets or their owners. Dog and cat owners can wash their pet at home, but they may end up with a messy situation. If they take their furry friend to the groomer, it could cost them more than they want to spend. A self-serve pet wash is a perfect solution as pet owners don’t have to spend a lot to bathe their dog or cat, and they don’t have to worry about a mess in their home.

The biggest benefit of adding a self-serve dog wash to your animal rescue is that you can create additional income opportunities. A free-standing pet wash unit means people can come and bathe their animals at any time of day, even when your rescue is closed. While the fee to wash their pet may seem modest to pet owners, it’s money your rescue was not receiving before.

In addition to this passive income, there are other benefits of adding a self-serve dog wash to an animal rescue or shelter. Here are a few of them:

  • Requires less space: Compared to a full-service grooming station, a self-serve pet wash occupies less real estate, which is an important consideration for already crowded rescues and shelters.
  • Increases awareness: Having a pet wash onsite gives you the ability to increase awareness about the pets in your shelter or rescue. You can create YouTube videos demonstrating how easy it is to bathe a pet and clips that feature a “pet of the week” who’s looking for their forever home.
  • Increases the perceived value of your operation: People who are familiar with your organization already know you provide valuable community services by rescuing companion animals and helping them find a forever home. When you add a pet wash, you can increase your organization’s perceived value even more because you can offer another invaluable service to people who already have pets.
  • Eases your mind about mess: All Paws Pet Wash offers a modular pet wash building for shelters and rescues who do not want pet owners bringing their own animals into the building. This keeps your building free of any mess, and you don’t have to worry about other dogs or cats mixing with your shelter animals.

Benefits Current Pet Owners Can Enjoy

Just like adding a pet wash to a pet rescue or shelter provides internal benefits, it can also create benefits for area pet owners if they can use your coin-operated wash. Saving money is arguably the biggest benefit current pet owners will enjoy. While they still have to pay to use your pet wash, pet owners will pay less to bathe their dog or cat than they would if they brought their furry family member to a full-service grooming salon.

Not having to pay a groomer to clean their pet isn’t the only way pet owners can save by using your self-contained pet wash. They’ll also save money on supplies. Because your pet wash will have everything necessary for a person to bathe their pet, the individual won’t need to invest in a cache of pet bathing supplies to store at home.

Convenience is another benefit for area pet owners as long as you don’t limit the public use of your pet wash to fundraising events. With pet owners bathing their pets on their own, your wash can run 24/7, allowing people to bathe their dogs and cats when it’s convenient for them. By enabling people to clean their pets around the clock, you’re simultaneously making it possible for your rescue or shelter to earn bankable income at all hours of the day and night.

Get a Quote to Add a Pet Wash to Your Shelter

If you’re ready to experience and share the benefits that can accompany adding a self-serve pet wash to your pet shelter or rescue, we invite you to request a quote to add one to your facility from All Paws Pet Wash now. If you have questions about the unit that will work best at your rescue or shelter, give us a call at 877-880-6056. We look forward to helping the companion animals at your shelter or rescue as well as area pet owners by delivering a self-serve pet wash to your facility!