Benefits of Adding a Pet Wash at Your Pet-Friendly Hotel

People enjoy traveling with their dogs. If they don’t choose to camp, your pet-friendly hotel is an option that will accommodate them and their furry companion. As a pet-friendly hotel owner, your business may already have many amenities for animals, like a dog park and food bowls. Another amenity you may also want to consider opening is a coin-operated dog wash at your hotel. This service would be hugely beneficial for your guests — and your income. Here are some reasons to install a self-serve dog wash to your hotel.

Guests’ Enjoyment

Guests like to treat themselves as well as their furry friends while on vacation, which means your guests will appreciate using your accommodations, like a dog wash, to pamper their animals. Sometimes, washing a dog on vacation may be necessary. If your guest goes hiking in the woods or swimming at the beach during their stay, dirt, mud and sand can get into the dog’s fur and make them dirty and uncomfortable.

Without a coin-operated dog wash at your hotel, guests have to let the dog track that dirt into the hotel lobby and room, which might prove difficult for you to clean up later. Guests may not find it convenient to hose down their dog in the shower without a detachable hose, and dog fur could clog the drain and cause a plumbing problem in your building.

At your pet-friendly hotel, your guests greatly appreciate the accommodations you make for their dogs. A pet wash will increase that appreciation and simultaneously protect your building from excess grime while generating additional income for you.

Steady Income for Your Business

Pets will always need to be washed. With your business being a pet-friendly hotel, you can offer the perfect place for that washing. Our facilities do not require an attendant or high upkeep costs. Simply set the price and change the settings to suit your guests’ needs, and watch the dog wash make money for your business. Most owners choose to set their price at $10 for 12 minutes, and with the amount of pet traffic in your hotel, the dog wash can generate a reliable income.

Year-Round Use

Since your hotel is pet-friendly, there will be many dogs at any time there who can use the facility. Our pet washes are entirely customizable, so you can place a smaller unit inside your hotel or put it in a building at a convenient location on your lot. They’re also temperature-controlled facilities, so your guests can enjoy using them any time of year.

Install a Self-Serve Dog Wash in Your Hotel

All Paws Pet Wash stations provide a useful service for dog owners. Our facilities are easy to use and designed to keep pets comfortable and safe during the wash. Your pet owner guests will enjoy being able to wash their dog at your hotel and not have to go to a groomer. You’ll enjoy having a steady and reliable income for your business.

If you’d like to learn more about opening a coin-operated dog wash at your hotel, contact us. You can also request pricing information and read the testimonials of how much dog owners and businesses love the All Paws Pet Wash.