Wash N Go – Dyersville, IA

Wash N Go | Dyersville, IA“My wife and I first became interested in All Paws Pet Wash after seeing a pet wash at a convention. My wife was sold on the pet wash almost immediately. I wanted to do my research and think it over for a bit. Shortly after meeting All Paws Pet Wash, I saw one at a car wash and saw how much business they were getting. We ended up going to another convention where I met an actually All Paws Pet Wash owner. They told us their pet wash success story, and we knew getting one for ourselves was a good idea. I became more observant of our community and noticed many people out with their dogs. Finally, I decided that the pet wash might be a good idea.

“I didn’t know what was needed to get a pet wash, but the representatives at All Paws Pet Wash were very informative, and helped me do the math and think logically. We decided to purchase an ADA 813 and had it painted green to complement our car wash. They even gave me the option to add a credit card machine, token machine, vending machine, and water heater, so I did’t have to figure that out on my own! It only took about a month for me to receive my pet wash.

“I opened my pet wash in November of 2015, and we promote it on the radio and in the newspaper. A lot of people talk about us on social media so we don’t really need to do a whole lot ourselves. The biggest thing we have to worry about is making sure the soaps are stocked!”


Wash N Go Pet Wash

1680 7th St. Southwest

Dyersville, IA