Ideas to Help Grow Your Pet Store Business

While the number of American households that include at least one pet typically varies depending on the source you consult, there is one certainty — pet owners in the U.S. are willing to spend money on their furry, scaly, aquatic, winged and hooved pets. According to the American Pet Products Association, pet owners in the United States spend billions of dollars on their pets annually, and they’ve collectively spent an increasing amount of money on them every year since 1994 at least.

Although that’s certainly good news for pets of all sorts, it’s even better for pet store owners. That is, it’s promising news if you’re able to tap into this multi-billion dollar market more effectively than you’re currently doing and grab a larger share of the pie, so to speak.

How to Become a More Successful Pet Store

Even if your business is already a success, there’s no reason you can’t increase your pet store sales even more. If you agree with that — and we hope you do — you might be wondering where you can find some promotion ideas for your pet store. Luckily, we have a few ideas you can use to gain more business.

Here are some pet store marketing ideas that can help you earn a bigger share of the money pet owners spend on pets in the U.S.:

  • Know your target audience: It’s vital that you define your target audience and get to know its members as intimately as possible. When you’re familiar with the members of your target audience, you can offer products and run promotions that will appeal to them and inspire them to make purchases.
  • Partner with non-competing local businesses: Even if another business is seemingly unrelated to yours, there may still be an opportunity for you to partner with it and engage in some cross-promotions. For example, giving branded treats to a community bank that hands out pet treats to customers or providing branded slip leads or leashes to a training center or doggie daycare are some of the things you can do as a partner.
  • Host a fundraiser for a charity: Pet-related charities like the Humane Society need money even if they don’t have a physical presence in your community. Consider hosting a fundraiser at your pet store that benefits a pet-related non-profit your target market supports. This can generate goodwill that can pay off with indelible branding and increased sales.
  • Sell online: If you don’t already sell things on your website, it’s time to start. With an ever-increasing number of people buying things online, you’re missing out if you’re not selling your products through your website or another digital platform.

Make Visiting Your Store a Tail Waggin’ Good Time With an All Paws Pet Wash

Our final marketing idea for pet stores has so much potential it deserves its own discussion. We suggest you make visiting your pet store a Tail Waggin’ Good Time for your four-legged and two-legged visitors by installing an All Paws Pet Wash at your location.

Our pet washes are self-contained spaces where pet owners can bathe their dogs or cats without having to visit a groomer or worry about clogging the drains at their home. We offer an array of packages, which ensures we have a pet wash that will work seamlessly at your pet store.

A pet wash will establish a passive income you can take to the bank — literally. Because pet owners wash their pets themselves, your pet wash can be open around the clock with no additional staff needed. A pet wash may even enable you to introduce new items into your current product mix!

Request a quote for an All Paws Pet Wash now!

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